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Comitato scientifico

Scientific Committee

Attività di ricerca

Scientific activities

  • Centro Soranzo offers an innovative therapeutic model that requires verification and experimental and clinical studies.
    The exchange with the scientific community, guaranteed by the Scientific Committee, allows to offer a more targeted service, in line with changes of Addictions.

    The following lines of research have been activated:
    • Defining the mechanisms of action of Centro Soranzo program: how to "transfer" the neuro scientific knowledge to a complex clinical setting (Project "Neuroscience in the Community" - Prof. Cristian Chiamulera- University of Verona)
    • Anhedonia and "emotional release" in the treatment of Addiction and of Pathological Gabling (Prof. Luigi Janiri, Catholic University of Rome))
    • The psychosomatic disorders and their relationship with Trauma (Prof. Roger Schmidt-University of Konstanz)
    Moreover, a constant evaluation of the results of Centro Soranzo has been carried out through the follow-up studies.

    The research activities has produced numerous publications, some of which can be found in the section Papers here below.


Centro Soranzo papers

Medicina delle Dipendenze

'Medicina delle Dipendenze' Papers


Training activities

  • Il Centro Soranzo si occupa anche di formazione e divulgazione del proprio metodo terapeutico in Italia e all’estero. L’offerta si rivolge a Medici, Psicologi, Psicoterapeuti, Educatori, infermieri, Tecnici della Riabilitazione Psichiatrica.

    L’offerta formativa comprende:

    Incontri di formazione su Ricerca ed innovazione in Comunità Terapeutica, Trauma ed Addiction, Il modello Soranzo, La riabilitazione ed il Recovery

    Giornate esperienziali di osservazione
    Un’opportunità per entrare in contatto con l’operatività del Centro Soranzo: osservare le attività terapeutiche e cogliere dal vivo l’energia dell’intervento. Le giornate esperienziali, in combinazione con la formazione in aula, permettono di coniugare teoria ed esperienza pratica.

    Supervisioni per équipe del settore
    La supervisione in loco offre un accompagnamento specialistico alle organizzazioni e ai team che lo richiedono, in un’ottica di continuità e crescita.

    Stage e tirocini
    E’ possibile a richiesta attivare stage e tirocini formativi.
    Per informazioni info@centrosoranzo.it
  • Centro Soranzo is also dealing with the training and dissemination of its therapeutic method in Italy and abroad. The offer is addressed at Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Educators and in general at operators in the field of addictions. Main provided formats:

    Classroom Training / Three days module

    First day / The short residency in addictions.
    On this day the main scientific and epistemological paradigms are treated, as psychotraumatology, neurobiology of craving with primers of the pharmacotherapy, the role of emotions in the treatment, the typology of Cloninger and the follow-up aspects. Realized by Dr. Mauro Cibin and Dr. Ina Hinnenthal.

    Second day / Motivation and relapse prevention.
    This session treats the themes of the interview and motivational diagnoses. There are given notions on the relapse prevention, as a cognitive-behavioral approach able to increase awareness of the disease and to provide specific tools. A space is dedicated to the use of Mindfulness in the prevention. Realized by Dr. Mauro Cibin and N. Zampietri.

    Third Day / Alcohol, Cocaine and Gambling: Treatment and Aftercare.
    Entrance directly in the clinic. Session examines the methods of intervention through clinical group tools and individual approaches, the patient's peculiarity and the specific response to the treatment. Also organizational aspects are treated as a part of the therapy and planning of the Aftercare. Realized by Dr. Giampietro Spolaor and S. Vanini.
  • Experiential days of observation
    It is an opportunity to get in touch with the operational team of Centro Soranzo: to observe the therapeutic activities and to get the energy of intervention in person. Experiential days, combined with classroom training, allow to conjugate theory and practical experience.

    Supervisions of the sector team
    The on-site supervision provides a specialized accompanying to the organizations and to the teams that require it in the perspective of continuity and growth. This activity is often a completion of the training module, but it is possible to request it alone.

    Internships and apprenticeship
    It is possible to arrange internships and apprenticeships, through structures affiliated with Centro Soranzo, Schools of specialization and Universities. Limited seats.

    Participation in conventions and specialized conferences
    The conference activity is another important dissemination modality for the therapeutic method of Center Soranzo and of the results of its application. It is possible to request the intervention of one of our specialists for an event in programming at any time. For more information write to: formazione@centrosoranzo.it